Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends

The best Bathroom designers  | DCI understand that this room can be both an oasis and a utilitarian space. They’ll avoid bold colors or patterns that can date the bath in favor of designs that will look good for years to come.

When choosing a professional, ask to see examples of their work and read reviews from clients who have used them for other projects. Also, be sure the pro offers a warranty on their work.


Modern bathrooms often have a neutral color palette, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. On the contrary, using a single neutral color creates a clean definition and helps other design elements take center stage. For example, in this powder room, the onyx design is the focus and the white vanity, toilet, and wood cabinets serve a minimalist look.

A large window opening brings nature inside, giving this bathroom a unique feel. The white floating vanity and the black faucets and shower kit give contrast with the concrete wall tile.

Incorporate a pop of color into your modern bathroom design with accent colors like green or red. But be careful not to overdo it, as too much color can overwhelm a space. Also, remember to coordinate the finishes on your hardware and fixtures to keep the modern theme consistent throughout the space. Specialty accessories like built-in nooks for storing toiletries and small appliances like a coffee maker can add both style and function to your bathroom.


Traditional bathroom ideas often take inspiration from a range of historical eras to create a welcoming space. Whether the design is Victorian or colonial, these bathrooms tend to focus on textures and materials to add warmth and comfort.

Wood plays a key role in traditional designs, with vanities and frames featuring wooden finishes like mahogany and chestnut. When it comes to tiling, classic subway tile, and hex or penny tiles are popular options for flooring.

As far as cabinetry goes, curved silhouettes and soft lines are more common in traditional bathrooms. The same can be said for sanitaryware, which is often rounded and more compact than its modern counterparts.

As for color, neutral shades are a staple of traditional bathrooms, with softer tones like moss green and pink favored. If you’re looking to introduce a pop of color, try papering one wall with a bold pattern that won’t absorb moisture and is easy to wipe down.


When choosing materials and finishes for a country bathroom, opt for organic textures that speak to the countryside. Wood paneling, rough-cut lumber, and sanded-down stone are all perfect, whether used on walls or as part of furnishings like this freestanding tub. Tones of earthy browns and greens work beautifully here, too.

If you want to incorporate a shower into your country bathroom, a wet room solution can be a worthwhile investment. It creates a seamless look, protects walls from water damage, and allows for a variety of decorative finishes, such as tiles or wallpaper.

Large windows and a vaulted ceiling add grandeur to this farmhouse bathroom design, which boasts a classic claw-foot tub and twin sinks. A palette of neutrals creates a clean, spacious atmosphere, while brushed gold fittings and fixtures provide a touch of luxury. A few splashes of bright color keep the space from feeling stark. Use a showpiece hue on an accent wall, linens, or even the sink itself to bring your country bathroom ideas to life.


Minimalism is a super cool modern decor trend that can look great in bathrooms. Often, this style focuses on clear counters and a lack of tchotchkes to create a clean and organized feel. Minimalism also incorporates natural elements like wood to add warmth and texture.

Color is a big part of minimalism and neutral shades are usually used in bathrooms. Black and white are a classic combo for minimalist baths, but earthy tones such as beige or gray can give the room a calming feeling.

If you love the minimalist look but want to add a bit of personality to your bathroom, consider adding a dark patterned floor. A subtle pattern will add texture without detracting from the overall clean and uncluttered look. If you do choose to go with a bolder floor tile, opt for one that doesn’t get wet easily so it won’t become damaged.

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